Thursday, 23 June 2011

Thing 2: investigate some other blogs, or stop lurking and say something

So many new (and not so new) blogs to check out! The delicious list was a great way to easily find some people in my own sector. Whilst it's great to get views from people in all kinds of areas, it's also nice to see some other FE people out there and hopefully some good ideas will be shared.

It was also good to see other people with similar feelings about blogging. It seems lots of people have thought about it but never done it, and like me are a bit worried about what they can add to everything already going on in the blogosphere. I said 'hi' to a few people and left some comments, and got a few back which was lovely. Library people are great! I'm really looking forward to what everyone's got to say about the rest of the things, and other stuff too. The problem may be keeping up with everything now!

A picture to finish - I think we should send it out to students at this time of year, but I doubt the bosses would agree.

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  1. I like the picture, reminds me of the Craevdale advert with the cats with thumbs - creepy.

  2. I'm gonna suggest we do send that out with our email reminders for overdue items...fantastic!

  3. Hi Gemma, love your enthusiastic blog ... and very much enjoyed your recommendations for other blogs too - PhilB goes without saying, and the "Awful Library Books" one is hysterical :)

  4. Thanks Richard! I've found good blogs to read through other people's blog rolls, so thought I'd try the feature out. ALB cracks me up.