Monday, 20 June 2011

cpd23 thing 1: blogs and blogging

I've started this blog to take part in the cpd23 programme. I've heard about various 23 things programmes before but never taken part in one, and this one feels like it's come along at the perfect time. I'm starting to think about professional development more now than I'm coming to end of my MA which I've been doing part-time, so it feels like taking part in this programme will help launch me into life post-studying (if such a thing truly exists - it doesn't feel like it at the moment!).

This first thing, blogging, is the one I was most nervous about when I looked at the list. I've been reading lots of brilliant blogs for a while now and have found so much useful and inspiring stuff in them, but haven't had the confidence to start my own and join in (rubbish, I know). I'd like to get more involved, so this programme should be great for encouraging me to get stuck in and try new things. Doing it alongside lots of other people will be the support I need I think. I'd like to start the chartership process next year as well and I think the more practice I can get at reflecting on my progress the better, so looking forward to things 5 and 10 too.

Crack on!


  1. Hi Gemma! Loving the enthusiasm in the post--and don't worry about the blogging, it appears that you are a natural. Good luck with the rest of the programme--am looking forward to reading your thoughts :)

  2. Fantastic blog title!

  3. Hi Gemma, I've just finished my MA too, I did the dissertation module part time. I've been a bit lazy with cpd things in the past month or so, so this has come at a perfect time. Good luck with it :)

  4. lmrlib - I have to give the credit to my partner really as I was struggling to think of one and he came up with it, but thank you!

    libraryhelen - Congratulations on finishing, it must feel great! cpd23 will be a bit of light relief. My dissertation is on e-books too, haven't got very far yet though.

  5. Hi Gemma :)

    Loved your post, I finished my MA recently as well and have just started my first librarian role in an FE college. Like you said there's so many blogs out there but taking part in this is a good way to get involved. Good luck!

  6. Cheers Lorna! I'll definitely check out your blog.