Sunday, 13 May 2012

CPD23, attempt 2

It's been a while! I've registered for the 2012 round of cpd23 to carry on from where I left off last time. I was writing my dissertation for my MA and just felt that I really wanted to focus on that (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!). I was enjoying the programme but wasn't really giving it as much attention as it required, so decided to leave it for the time being. You only write your dissertation once, after all. Then it was the start of term, we launched into a new year, and the later it got the harder it was to start blogging again. So I think it's a great idea for cpd23 to get another round as I appreciated the community aspect of it.

My next thing starts in mid-July, but I'll keep an eye on what's going on and hopefully write a few posts in the meantime. Since last time I've passed my MA, got engaged, done a short teaching course, and started thinking more about chartership, amongst other things, so there's a few blog posts in there I reckon.


  1. Well done, Gemma. It is a great achievement for getting your MA in librarianship and already you are thinking of chartership. That is cool! I just registered for CILIP chartership and hopefully I will be able to include the 23 things for personal development course in my Chartership portfolio. What is this thing that you mentioned begins in Mid-July?

  2. Thanks Dolly! Good luck with chartership - I'm sure 23 things will come in useful. By next 'thing' I meant thing 12, filesharing and collaboration, which is where I finished last time. Hopefully I'll get a bit further this time!